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The award-winning author scientifically disproves evolution as it is being taught in schools today. It is written at the high school reading level.  (The author said, “Every high school student should read it.)  He shows that there are no millions of years of life on earth―there are only thousands of years.  True evolution is nothing more than oscillation about an unfixed mean.  If you doubt that, I challenge you to explain the human footprints with dinosaur footprints and the human bones embedded in coal layers.

All proceed from this book go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Square Peg: A Thesis on Biological Evolution - $14.99
 A free copy is available to any high school requesting it.
  By Dr. Earl W. Belcher, Jr.

Boy Scout Tales - $12.29 By Earl W. Belcher

This book contains eight stories, which are based on the author’s experience as an Eagle Scout. 
Suggested reading level is 11 to 16 years. 

A free copy is available to any high school requesting it.

Maximizing Free Genealogy from the Internet
 $5.93 by Earl W. Belcher 

Do you know how to find the townships in any county in the United States?  It can greatly simplify census searches.  Did you know that you can go door to door through a town in the 1880 census?  Lots of helpful hints, especially for the beginner, for the everyday genealogist.

A free copy is available to any high school requesting it.

A Yankee Goes South - $4,99

 By Earl W. Belcher

Humorous stories about the author’s early life and after he married a southern girl.  They include: making a cake for mommy, the poke and the Sunday dinner.



   Mysterious Stories - $4.99   By Earl W. belcher

Five stories are presented that have a surprising or unusual ending.  Enjoying listening while taking that trip.

 By Geneva King Emerson
An excellent novel about life in the Ozark foothills during the great depression.

Mother's Code of Ethics - $5.25

by Elisabeth Polland & illustrated by Steven Belcher

A tongue in cheek approach to raising teenagers.  The author's experience in raising 4 children. 

2 set CD, Boy Scout Tales, condensed from the book
By Earl W. Belcher - $9.00



For the Grace of God - $4.99

60 min. CD by Earl W. Belcher

22 poems and 3 devotions